Turning Words into Stories

Rita is Creating with Words

A storyteller at heart, Rita loves creating with words. She often gets lost in time, writing for hours in her home office, which is nicknamed the Bat Cave. Her family insists that she can’t possibly write as much as she talks, but she’s working on it.

Her current writing focus is on flash fiction and short stories, offering quick reads for busy people. Rita also writes essays and edits blog posts for herself and others. Using her previous experience as an educator, her work has been published in educational journals and children’s magazines, both online and in print.

Writing Goals

Rita hopes to publish often in 2021. She has entered several writing competitions and is submitting to literary publications frequently.

She is working on a collection of short stories for an anthology. She wants to eventually publish a novel, or three, or ten.

Latest Published Work

Read Rita’s most recent published work by clicking on the links below. This section will be updated whenever new links are available, with the most recent at the top.

Saturday Love – a flash fiction story (100 words) about the love between a parent and child. Entered into the Andrew Siderius Memorial Writing Contest, and published by Friday Flash Fiction.

My Sister’s Dog – a 101-word flash fiction story about a self-centered, uncaring young woman who reluctantly agrees to watch her sister’s dog for a weekend. Published by Flash Fiction Magazine at their site 101words.org.