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Rita’s newest work is published here:

Harboring the Shooter – Misfit Micros: Versification

Dinner for Two – 50 Give or Take: Vine Leaves Press

A Distracted Brain – 50-Word Stories

Senior Trip 50 Give or Take: Vine Leaves Press

Inconsolable – Friday Flash Fiction

Fire of Unknown Origin – 50-Word Stories

Digital Death – 50 Give or Take: Vine Leaves Press

Saturday Love – Friday Flash Fiction

My Sister’s Dog – 101 Words

Previous Publication Credits:

Rita’s non-fiction for adults has been seen in The Connected Newsletter (Classroom Connect/Harcourt Brace), Technology Turning Points (Glencoe/McGraw Hill), NJAET Newsletter (New Jersey Association for Educational Technologists), Kid Magazine Writers, and more.

Her children’s fiction and non-fiction were published in My Friend Magazine (Pauline Books), Boys’ Quest magazine (Fun for Kidz), and Guideposts for Kids.

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