Rita Riebel Mitchell

Goals and Tasks

One of my November goals is to write 30 first drafts this month. Wow. Thirty. Sounds challenging. (Maybe I want to re-think this)

To meet this goal I have to complete 30 tasks. I plan to write one first draft every day. If I miss a day (or two), my task for the next day is to write two first drafts.

Since my current focus is on fiction, I’ll write short stories, flash fiction, or micro-fiction. The word count will be 100 to 3000 words.

My biggest challenge is to complete a story and save it without fixing it as I write. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not correcting a student’s paper. A first draft is the bones of a story. Fixing comes later.

By the end of the month, if I meet my goal, I should have thirty stories to edit and re-write during December. Hopefully, I’ll have a few that I like enough to submit!

What is your writing goal for November? Share in the comments below.

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