How to de-stress during the holidays

Happy Holidays! What’s happy about it, you ask? Okay, so it’s not the best holiday ever. In fact, it’s up there with the most difficult holidays ever. Zoom and Facetime can help you to feel more connected but they just aren’t the same as a hug or a handshake. Wearing a mask can help protect…

What I'm reading | Writing

What I’m Reading: Short Stories

Recently, I’ve made it a habit to read a couple of short stories every day. They help to pass the time waiting for the coffee to drip or in line at the grocery store. For me, it’s an entertaining education. My ability to differentiate between a good story and a not so good one is…


Goals and Tasks

One of my November goals is to write 30 first drafts this month. Wow. Thirty. Sounds challenging. (Maybe I want to re-think this) To meet this goal I have to complete 30 tasks. I plan to write one first draft every day. If I miss a day (or two), my task for the next day…


Nice to meet you

Welcome to a website in progress. Moving ahead, this post will eventually be replaced with something more…. well, something different. Check back every day to find out what’s new. Thanks!