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How to de-stress during the holidays

Happy Holidays!

What’s happy about it, you ask? Okay, so it’s not the best holiday ever. In fact, it’s up there with the most difficult holidays ever. Zoom and Facetime can help you to feel more connected but they just aren’t the same as a hug or a handshake. Wearing a mask can help protect you but when you smile at someone you can’t tell if they are smiling back. And your mother’s words, “Keep your hands to yourself,” aren’t just for kids anymore. It’s all so sad and stressful.

It’s Time to De-stress

You aren’t alone. In this very different holiday season, we all need a little de-stressing. Take a few minutes to slow down with a cup of tea and something quick to read. Take a walk outside. Or try one of my two favorite ways to get myself out of a slump. Maybe they will help you, too.

1. “This too shall pass.”

Close your eyes and say it. “This too shall pass.” Repeat this mantra three times or until you feel somewhat calmer. “This too shall pass.” Picture yourself in a healthy and virus-free world.

2. Breathe

Purposeful concentration on your breath can calm you in times of stress. Try this breathing technique or pranayama to de-stress anytime and anywhere.

  1. Choose a number: four, five, or six. (I chose five)
  2. Inhale to the count of five.
  3. Hold for the count of five.
  4. Exhale for the count of five.
  5. Pause for the count of five.
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 as many times as needed.

De-stress Often

You cannot overdo the de-stressing techniques that work best for you. Calm yourself as often as needed: weekly, daily, or even hourly!

What do you do to calm yourself in times of holiday stress? Share in the comments below.

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