Rita Riebel Mitchell

Catching Up

Has it been almost four months since I posted in my blog? Yep. Am I feeling guilty about that? Yep. So, we’re catching up. Although I’ll be doing all the “sharing”.

The Road Trip: The First Leg of Our Adventure

On February 13th, the day after the Eagles played in the Superbowl, Bob and I headed south in our trusty Subaru. We spent a week or so with my parents in Florida and then drove west toward Arizona. On the way, we took a Swamp Tour in Louisiana, and while in Texas, we visited the Alamo, San Antonio’s Riverwalk, the Caverns of Sonora, and Fort Stockton. We spent four days in Big Bend National Park and crossed the Rio Grande (at the Border Crossing – by rowboat) to have lunch in Boquillas, Mexico. Then we walked through Carlsbad Caverns and hiked in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

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In Tucson, Arizona, we stayed with our son, Alec, helping him with his business, Party Headphones, and his castle project. We enjoyed the time spent with him and some of his friends both at home and in the city. Then Bob and Alec spent four days hiking at Havasupai Falls at the Grand Canyon while I stayed in Tucson with Misha, our grand pup, my opportunity to write, mostly uninterrupted.

Wrapping It Up

After Tucson, we toured Monument Valley and Natural Bridges on our way to Moab, Utah. We spent a few days there, hiking Arches National Park twice (once in the snow, once in the sun) and Canyonlands National Park. From there, we drove through Colorado and then headed east, staying about two days ahead of those massive midwestern spring storms.

We arrived home on April 5th, just in time to celebrate Easter with our family and for our annual visit with our tax accountant.

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Looking Back

Yes. It was a long, tiring trip (almost eight weeks), but it was eventful, and most of the sights were unforgettable. We were first-timers at some of our stops, but others were reminders of our earlier road trips, with and without our two sons.


More catching up in future blog posts. I promise it will be soon.

Oh, and By the Way…

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